Digital Prophets and Innovation Sherpas – Too Pretentious For Prosperous.


From the outset, as the tagline on our website states, our focus has been on “Applying Digital Marketing Expertise To Your Business’’ not in applying pretentious digital marketing titles to our roles!


In recent years, the proliferation of pretentious titles (often self-appointed) of so called experts in the digital marketing world, has served to both deceive clients and debase the industry. Such titles are deliberately vague, giving the client little or no information on what exactly the “expertise’’ provided by Digital Prophets, Entrepreneurs-In- Residence, Innovation Sherpas, Brand Warriors, Mobile Senseis et al will accomplish. For clients, being presented with such titles is akin to being bombarded with marketing jargon from consultants.


This phenomenon is not just irksome to clients, but also to those of us who have been working in digital marketing from its inception. The shoddy practices of these philistines undermines the years of hard work we’ve been doing for valued clients in the digital marketing realm.


Let the record show that as far as the team at Prosperous Marketing are concerned, though we acknowledge that part of our remit is to guide clients through the peaks and troughs of the digital marketing world, that does not mean we will invent titles for ourselves – we still regard Sherpas as native to the most mountainous regions of Nepal and the Himalayas. Likewise, though we will make strategic recommendations and predictions based on data, we are keenly aware that these do not constitute prophecies!


If you are interested in sound digital marketing advice from an experienced team with titles which relate to the work they do, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.